Meeting 6th Jul: RI Convention

PP Simone Collins – speaking the day before her birthday!

At our first meeting for the new Rotary year, PP Simone Collins took us through what Rotary International Conventions entail, and why one would consider attending.

Simone has previously attended RI Conventions in Brisbane (2003) and Chicago (2005) as a Rotaractor, and Thailand (2013) and Sydney (2014) as a Rotarian. Simone was a member of both the International Organizing Committee and Promotions Committee for the Sydney Convention, has been a panelist at all but one of those Conventions, organised and run workshops and fellowship AGMs and coordinated booths in the House of Friendship.

With Conventions only being hosted in Australia every 10 years or so, the 2023 Convention in Melbourne offers a rare opportunity to attend the Convention locally.

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