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Are you interested in joining the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay as an active member?

Participation Requirements

The minimum requirements we ask of members are:

  • read the Bulletin every week;
  • attend your Committee meeting every month (Zoom available);
  • attend at least 3 Club meetings every quarter (watching online counts – either watch the livestream on Facebook or watch back the recording; please leave a comment to let us know you were there!); and
  • participate in at least one other activity every quarter – see below.

Other activities:

  • Take on a Leadership role (varying workloads, some can be done remotely or by more than one person).
  • Provide a speaker for a club meeting (see our Speaker Seeker manual for ideas) – we encourage members to speak as well.
  • Be actively involved in a project – even better if you are willing to take responsibility for a project.
  • Assist with Fundraising activities, including donating to or sourcing sponsorship for the club / our activities.
  • Attend formal dinners (Changeover & Club Birthday / Christmas).
  • Bring guests to meetings and events.
  • Host an event (including social events).

Please note that attending Social events is not included in the quarterly activities, because Rotary is a Service organization and Rotarians are expected to participate in at least some service activities.


Rotarians pay a yearly membership fee to cover administrative costs. This includes District dues, Rotary International dues, and a compulsory subscription to a Rotary magazine. These components are out of our control.

  • Annual dues are $300 per person
  • In the case of couples, the magazine subscription can be shared, reducing the fee to $260 for the second person ($560 total)

A once-off joining fee covers your membership badge, Rotary pin and framed copies of the Objects of Rotary and the Four Way Test.

  • Joining fee is $75
  • Add $25 for a name badge for your partner to wear to meetings when they accompany you
  • Club T-shirts are $52

Our club meeting costs are kept as low as possible, at just $10 per member. We do not run a fines session during the meeting; instead we have an optional $5 raffle to help raise funds for our projects.

Ready to take the plunge?

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