Local Projects

We conduct a wide variety of projects within our local community, and also respond to requests to help in other parts of Western Australia or across Australia.

The projects are typically managed by our Youth Service and Vocational and Community Service committees.

Youth-related projects

Our Rotary Club has a wide range of projects related to the development of youth and young adults.

Our signature projects include providing primary schools with Magnifying Microscopes to foster an interest in the world around them, and Buddy Benches so that no child need feel lonely at playtime. We also provide Peace Poles to primary schools.

See the latest updates about our Youth Service projects.

Assisting the underprivileged

We regularly assist individuals or communities whose needs are not being met elsewhere, or other non-profit organisations who are providing assistance but themselves need help either financially, through donations-in-kind or with being linked up with other contacts who can provide the assistance they need.

One such group we assist on an ongoing basis is Moort Care, whose founders are members of our Rotary club.

We have also supported 12 Buckets, which helps children in low socio-economic schools.

Our club also helps to provide free Wills to people who have less than $150,000 in assets, as dying without a Will can cause difficulties for their remaining family members.

See the latest updates about our Community Service projects.


In earlier years of our club, several members who were medical professionals ran the “Kids Right2See” project, providing free eye screening to primary school children in local schools.

We have undertaken a number of Dementia projects, and also trialled a related project called MARVEL will made use of music therapy for seniors.

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