Cuddle Bed

Assisting the Bethesda Foundation to raise around $24,000 for a “cuddle bed” for the palliative care ward at Bethesda Hospital had been on our club’s radar for some time. On the passing of Past RI Director Ken Collins at Bethesda Hospital in August 2022, his dying wish was that we prioritize this.

A cuddle bed is a double hospital bed that allows for family to rest with a dying relative to provide comfort.

See the article ‘Cuddle beds’ bringing some physical comfort to end-of-life patients

His family have asked that his memory be honoured through a donation to the Bethesda Foundation specifically towards a cuddle bed.

We were advised on 8th November 2022 that the total donations in memory of PRID Ken Collins totalled $17,250; with $7,500 in donations from other sources as well, the Bethesda Foundation is now able to go ahead and purchase their first cuddle bed for Bethesda Palliative Care.

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