Meeting 13th Jul: Bethesda Hospital

At our club meeting on July 13th, Jessie Tan gave an excellent presentation on the opportunities to volunteer at Bethesda Hospital. 

Volunteers are particularly sought for the palliative care rooms, which the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay has previously provided 15 oil diffusers for. Diffusing essential oils is beneficial both for relaxation purposes, during massage and Reiki sessions, and to help mask some of the unfortunate odours that can be part of the palliative care journey.

Jessie’s visit to our club provided an excellent opportunity for our member Ronniet Orlando, who herself has been volunteering at Bethesda for a number of years as a violinist, to present Jessie with a further 12 oil diffusers to use at the hospital.

Jessie Tan & Ronniet Orlando with the diffusers

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