Public Liability Insurance

It cannot be assumed that all projects and events undertaken by Rotary Clubs are automatically covered under the Rotary Liability Policy. For full details see the Risk Management and Insurance Club Handbook [PDF].

To establish whether a proposed project/event is acceptable to the Insurer, the following documents must be submitted to the District Insurance Officer (DIO) Steve Halbert prior to the commencement of such project/event:

as referral to the Insurer might be necessary to confirm coverage.

A Club must never commence a project without obtaining DIO approval; to do so could run the risk of the project being outside insurer acceptance guidelines and therefore not covered, and no Rotary project can proceed without insurance.

Care should be taken not to enter into any agreement, or unfavourable Insurance and Indemnity Conditions that form part of Terms and Conditions for the use of:

  • Local Authority or Government facilities such as Public Parks, Halls and Beaches.
  • Commonwealth facilities such as Conference Centres, Halls and Buildings.

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