Institute for Indian Mother and Child

The Indian Institute for Mother and Child (IIMC) was set up by Dr Sujit Brahmochary to help the poorest of the poor in the rural districts south of Kolkata. It works with women and children with an aim to empower them through provision of skills/opportunities such as education (often via child sponsorship), a microcredit program, health worker training and medical clinics, women’s cooperatives and women’s peace councils.

Two of our members – Jill O’Callaghan and Dr Cherie Graziotti – have been involved in helping Dr Sujit and IIMC for decades. You can follow the IIMC Australia Facebook page for their updates.

We have registered assisting IIMC as a RAWCS project so that you can make a tax deductible donation to IIMC.

Children in need of sponsorship

Children can be sponsored for a year for AUD $360. Please contact Cherie Graziotti ( if you would like to sponsor any of the children below, or if you would like further information. Sponsors will be sent greeting cards from the child and receive copies of school reports.

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