Completed Projects

We have completed projects in a wide variety of areas, both locally and internationally. This list is not exhaustive, but provides a snapshot of some of the different ways we have helped make a difference.

Local Projects

  • Held a symposium on Aboriginal health at St John of God Hospital in Subiaco.
  • The Burundi Peace Choir, comprised of Twa refugees from Burundi here in Perth, were assisted to raise $3,500 seed capital to produce a their first CD in 2010 as a means of helping them produce an income and raising awareness of the torture and trauma experienced by the Twa people. Max Kaye helped them with their performance skills and to audition for high profile events, and a club member built their website pro bono.
  • We raised $640 for the 2009 Victorian Bushfire appeal in the wake of the “Black Saturday” Bushfires, which affected 78 communities.
  • Knitted toys, jumpers and rugs were sent to Wiluna in 2009 and 2010, and 164 toys were purchased (with funds provided by the Shire of Wiluna) and wrapped for the indigenous children there for Christmas in 2009.
  • Two large vans full of Warm clothes, blankets and toiletries were donated to Anawim Women’s Refuge.
  • We contributed $800 to fund Jade Lewis to provide drug education in 2 local Primary Schools.
  • As a thank you to Richard Symons (Tenor) & Isabelle Freeman (Soprano), who regularly gave up their time to sing at club events and fundraisers at no cost to us, we held a benefit concert to help them meet their costs to relocate overseas to continue their studies.
  • A metal cutting machine was donated to the Dreamfit Foundation in Shenton Park.
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) books were donated to Primary Schools and families of Refugees.
  • We organised a successful Forum on ‘Asylum Seekers: The Facts’.

Overseas Projects

  • Equipment for a sewing and embroidery livelihood project were provided in Sri Lanka.
  • We sponsored a water and sanitation project in Sri Lanka along with toilet blocks for girls and boys plus equipment in Appar High School, Madurai, India.
  • We supported a Solar Panel Project in Mongolia.
  • Incubators and a resuscitator were provided for the Children’s Hospital in Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Knitted toys and jumpers were distributed to Vietnam, Nigeria, Cambodia, Nepal, Cambodia and Zambia.
  • Buses and medical equipment were provided for two NGOs in Cambodia – One2One Dental Group and All Ears Cambodia, via Rotary Foundation Grants.
  • Successfully nominated Justin Hewett to receive an Ambassadorial Scholarship to study a Masters Degree in Chinese Law at Tsinghau University, Beijing.
  • Sent 1,000 T shirts to Cambodia.

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