North Cottesloe Peace Ceremony 2023

Each year, we encourage the schools that host one of our Peace Poles to hold a peace ceremony around World Peace Day (September 21st).

North Cottesloe Primary School was the first to hold a Peace Pole Ceremony, on 8th August 2023.

Principal Jen Allsop shared the following message:

Staff and students and our guests today;
It is with a heart full of gratitude and optimism that we gather here today to celebrate a symbol that transcends borders, languages, and cultures — the Peace Pole. In a world where differences sometimes seem to divide us, this simple yet powerful monument stands as a testament to our shared aspirations for peace, understanding, and unity.
As we stand before this Peace Pole, we are reminded that the values it represents are timeless and universal. The message “May Peace Prevail on Earth” is a plea that knows no boundaries, a hope that knows no exclusions. This pole, adorned with those heartfelt words in languages from around the globe, calls upon us to set aside our differences and to join hands in pursuit of a better world.
In 1955, the visionary founder of the Peace Pole Project, envisioned these poles as beacons of inspiration, encouraging people everywhere to reflect on their personal commitment to peace. Today, in 2023, his vision lives on, resonating even more profoundly in a world that yearns for compassion, understanding, and healing.
The languages chosen for this Peace Pole are not mere symbols; they are representatives of the beautiful tapestry of human expression. They remind us that despite the diversity of our languages, cultures, and backgrounds, the fundamental desire for peace unites us all. It is in acknowledging this common ground that we take the first step towards creating a more harmonious future.
But let us not be complacent in our gathering today. A Peace Pole is not a passive monument; it is an active call to action. It beckons us to look within ourselves and consider how we can each contribute to the creation of a peaceful world. Every interaction, every gesture of kindness, every effort to bridge divides — these are the building blocks of lasting peace.
In a time when headlines often highlight discord, let us use this Peace Pole as a catalyst for change. Let it remind us to listen with open hearts, to approach disagreements with empathy, and to work tirelessly for justice and understanding. Let us remember that peace is not the absence of conflict but the presence of justice, equality, and compassion.
As we raise our voices together, as diverse as the languages that adorn this pole, let us pledge to carry the message of peace beyond this moment. Let us become ambassadors of unity, champions of empathy, and advocates for a world where the dream of peace is a reality for all.
In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” Let this Peace Pole be a constant reminder that the change begins with us, within our hearts and within our communities.
May peace prevail on Earth. May we, united and determined, be the ones to make it so.
Thank you.

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