Microscopes for Chaoyang School

Chaoyang School, Singapore was gifted 30 handheld microscopes by the Rotary Club Freshwater Bay in August 2023. The school immediately integrated the use of the microscopes into the upper primary science teaching curriculum.

A small group of students had the chance to trial the use of the new learning tool and were fascinated to see the magnified images of organisms such as butterfly legs and goldfish scales. 

Teachers were equally excited to include the new teaching and learning tool into their science lessons.  They believe that the microscopes will help students to develop a deeper understanding of science.

The handheld microscopes are a valuable addition to the Chaoyang School Science Department. They will allow students to learn about the microscopic world in greater detail.

The Chaoyang School community would like to thank the Rotary Club Freshwater Bay for exposing a new world of science learning to their students.

Thank you to Freshwater Bay Rotarians Sheila Cheng, LAU Eng Seng, Greg Acciaioli and Nini Toley for attending the event at Chaoyang School on 28th August 2023. More photos of the Microscopes in use are available in the short presentation below.

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