Meeting 31st Aug: Dr Sujit

Dr Sujit, founder of the Institute for Indian Mother and Child (IIMC), gave us a fascinating look at his background, his work with Mother Theresa, and her encouragement for him to go out and provide his own help to the community. It was incredible to trace his journey, from starting out providing medical care on a mobile basis, to building his first health centre, and gradually addressing the root causes of issues, moving from health, to education, the financial empowerment of women, and more.

So far the IIMC has built 27 schools, 8 outdoor medical clinics and 4 indoor centres, an orphanage, day care centre, housing for over 1,000 homeless villagers, 100 wells, and 1,900 sanitation projects. It has also set up a women’s peace council comprising of 67 groups of 10 mothers, and 8 microcredit lending banks which have helped 20,000 women.

His story is truly inspirational, and well worth watching:

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