Meeting 14 July: Bev Lowe

On Wednesday 14th July, new member Bev Lowe updated us on what she and her husband John are currently doing in the community in their ‘retirement’.

After years of full-on community service through community services they established – firstly through Manna Inc and then Moort Care – they are currently:

  • feeding the poor two days a week, which means Bev is still cooking for the masses;
  • distributing bags with $20 worth of basic supplies in which is adequate to feed an individual for 3 days; and
  • distributing blankets .

We are delighted that Bev has found time to join the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay. We have supported her from the early days of the Club by fitting out a kitchen at the Maddington Primary school so that children could have breakfasts prior to school, mothers could be taught nutrition and industrious students made and sold burgers to local businesses.

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