Women’s Development Centre Sri Lanka

The Women’s Development Centre is a non government organisation in Kandy, Sri Lanka, which among other things runs a Centre for Crisis Intervention – a shelter for female victims of violence to provide protection, care, and rehabilitation of women and girl survivors of gender based violence.

The Crisis Intervention Centre  is one of the largest establishments for crisis intervention and was the first shelter located in Sri Lanka. The centre provides many facilities that enable a safe environment for women and girls to recover from violence and abuse with a great amount of support and care. It provides a home for survivors of many different forms of violence (i.e. physical, mental and sexual). The activities at the centre encourage these women and girls to participate in the community and public spheres ensuring social inclusion and integration. The ultimate goal is to motivate these women and girls to reach a state of self-actualization and empowerment.

In order to achieve this, the women and girls contribute towards the daily activities of the Centre. They work together in the kitchen, in the gardens, tending to the farm animals, and doing other daily chores. They also receive skills training, in areas such as housekeeping and cookery, handloom weaving, sewing and handicrafts, home gardening, animal husbandry, shop work, fabric painting and other vocational skills.

Club member Nishi Galhenage has recently visited this centre and provided a donation from our club of AUD $500.

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