Triple B Care Project Update

The much needed clinic for Val Orr-Smith’s work with burns victims in the Phillipines is underway and she is over the moon to know that the Goodeve Foundation through Honorary Member Tony Munday, has donated A$10,000 plus a member of her Church in Queensland has recently donated a further $10,000. She has advised that the funds will go towards the sanitary fittings, windows and doors plus all the wiring and electrical needs required for the building. As there will be a purpose built area in the clinic for her to live in, she has contributed US$20,000 herself towards the build.

In the first half of this new Rotary Year (2019-20), $6,624 has been donated via the RAWCS project. That brings the total collected through RAWCS since 1st July 2018 to $19,094 (with the $12,110 in 2018-19 including the $10,000 from the Goodeve Foundation).

Val was also seeking a supply of Dermatological E45 Cream, a product not available in the Philippines but vital for her work with burns. We have arranged for 10 jars to be sent to her.

An overview of the Triple B Care Project

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