Meeting 24 May: Moort Care

On May 24th 2023, Freshwater Bay Rotarian Bev Lowe, accompanied by her husband John, gave us an update on the various initiatives she has through Moort Care to help the physical and mental health of anyone in need in Western Australia.

Bev told us more about the cold storage facility being built by Loren to store food for the Midland Meals service which serves meals to the homeless, feeding 120-160 people most nights. The demographics have changed, with fewer young people looking for help but more older people seeking support.

A variety of volunteers hand-make items such as ponchos for those undergoing lengthy treatments like dialysis, toys such as teddy bears for children, packs for new mums and more. Bev has some new photo books showing the array of projects they’ve undertaken over the past 5 years.

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